Sunday, January 16, 2011

#8 - #14

As promised I am working hard to get everything caught up and the photo's on here up to date! Man this is hard work, but I'm not going to back down now! I am bound and determined to keep this going and to complete all of my 365 portraits! here are photo #8 - #14.

#10 is another shot I took when I was with miss A. I just love her eyes and the look in this picture!

#10 and #11 are perfect photo's for the weather that we have been having lately, but sadly as pretty as the snow is, it is starting to melt!

Photo's #12 and #13 I just absolutely love, and there is a big reason for showing these two together. These two boys in these photo's are actually twins, but they are just complete opposites. But none the less the both are adorable and made the cut into my 365 project!

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