Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's day #23! Almost through that first month of my 365 project, and only 11 more months to go! I am hoping that my creative mind doesn't let me down! I am really looking forward to the weather warming up and the beautiful flowers blooming!

Photo #23 is a shot from my 2 day session with 4 beautiful children! Miss. C is the oldest at almost 7 and has a great smile. They will be welcoming a new baby girl into the family come May! I can't wait!

Natural Family Photography:

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Saturday, January 22, 2011


#22 is kinda simple, but I like it! The red in the snow just pops out at you, so I thought about putting a red heart in the snow.

Friday, January 21, 2011

#20 & #21

Yay! I am officially up to date on my posts!! So here are photo's 20 & 21.

#15 - #19

Ok, so I am a little over the snow already! As pretty as it is to photograph, it's not so nice on my 45 minute drive to work!

Any~who! Lets get back to looking at some pictures!

I know that many of us have seen a picture of a ring sitting in the crook of a bible, but I could not pass up the opportunity to recreate it for myself in #15. #16 which is the piano keys was a spur of the moment photo. I was just walking by it and the picture just popped in my head, and I am very happy with how it turned out.

I still am not 100% satisfied with #17, but I do like it. I just wish that I could have gotten the drop to splash a little more than it did. I just didn't have anything to stand on to make myself higher! lol!

I really feel the creativity with #18, Get it? I was at work and seen one of the kids crafts laying on the counter and thought that all of the colors were pretty!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

#8 - #14

As promised I am working hard to get everything caught up and the photo's on here up to date! Man this is hard work, but I'm not going to back down now! I am bound and determined to keep this going and to complete all of my 365 portraits! here are photo #8 - #14.

#10 is another shot I took when I was with miss A. I just love her eyes and the look in this picture!

#10 and #11 are perfect photo's for the weather that we have been having lately, but sadly as pretty as the snow is, it is starting to melt!

Photo's #12 and #13 I just absolutely love, and there is a big reason for showing these two together. These two boys in these photo's are actually twins, but they are just complete opposites. But none the less the both are adorable and made the cut into my 365 project!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

#6 & #7

So it has been slow going, but when I get some spare time I am trying to get caught up with my posts. I have now published 7 of 13 photos that I have taken so far, and I am hoping that by next week I will be able to get caught up.

These two photo's I really like, because the first one reminds me of those wonderful family memories, and the second is one of my favorite photo's that I took when I had the pleasure to photograph Miss A for her upcoming 2nd birthday, I think that it just captures that innocents that little ones carry with them!

Natural Family Photography:

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#4 & #5

These are just a couple of random photo's. I was out of ideas for the time being, so I just grabbed a few random things that were within reach and made it work. Two of the kids I work with are twin boys, and they had these bears the other day and I just thought that they were cute, they read "Twin boys are double the love".

Natural Family Photography:

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Photo #2 & #3

I look at this desk almost every day at work and just love the old wooden look of it! This is not a full size desk, but a small child's desk! These two photo's I wanted to make sure that I showed together for a reason, so here they are....#2 & #3!!

Natural Family Photography:

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My 365 Project!! Photo #1!!

I have decided to do a little 365 project of my own this year, and with this project, I am hoping that it will give me a little inspiration! I have decided that I am not going to follow a certain plan or set themes, I am just going to wing it all on my own. I am going to take 365 pictures in 365 days and share them on here. I am already getting a little behind, but will be caught up hopefully in the next week!

So here it goes, here is a little picture to get started. I am going to officially say that this is picture number 1!! of course because this is January 11th, that mean that there will be 11 more pictures to stay tuned and ENJOY!

Natural Family Photography:

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